FOREX Forex time machine is the newest and the safest in the series of the methods of forex trading in the running of profits. Forex time machine was founded in the 2007 sept.14th. Forex time machine also has what is known as forex profit accelerator which helps in the longevity of the trade. It equally helps the trader in the management and also in the timing of your trade. With forex time machine you can set out a target, know when to enter and exit from the trade, maximize profit and minimize risk.


Overstaying in the business because of initial profit can lead to losses. So you are advised not be greedy or to be overwhelmed with the initial profit. In forex time trade you are allowed to make your choice as a part time-trader.




  1. It helps forex traders to appropriately know when to venture into forex trading in order to maximize profit which is the major aim of involving in the market
  2. Forex time machine helps in maximizing 0f profit and minimizing of risk. Anytime a trader goes in full control of his or her destiny in the market
  3. forex time machine will train you more on how to be effectively a professional trader
  4. It will also help you to be monitoring your trade.
  5. Forex time machine can give a very convenient market hour.
  6. It gives one the room to checkmate 0n their trade to know the market will bring liquidity, and the trader’s   ability to trade on a very high margin.
  7. It will help one not to be amazed by the initial profit thereby holding back to the market without thinking about the future loss which might drain the profit that the trade has made.
  8. Forex time machine also saves time. The trader has right to invest any timeframe of his or her choice.


  1. One of the major problems of forex time machine is that some traders do not have a target. The traders mostly try all they could to get their profit at once.
  2. The greediness 0f some traders don’t allow them to see the future risk. The initial profit overwhelms them and makes them lose focus on the trading purpose.
  3. The traders only focus on the amount of money that they are making at that point in time. And this profit does not give the traders the room to plan and visualize their exiting time in the trade.
  4. The traders overstay hoping that the profit will keep on coming just the way it was at the initial thereby making them to lose and the market now turns against them by their profit evaporating.
  5. Inability to manage risk by the traders. The traders who are not much well educated on the risk-taking in this forex trade will wipe off his or her account when it comes to risk timing which actually leads to loss.
  6. Trade before learn. This is the problem of most of the traders, they go into the forex trading before they learn about it. Due to forex trading’s popularity, most people go in into without any knowledge of the market which often leads to losses.



The management of the forex time machine can actually be determined based on how the trader was able to monitor his or her trade. The inability of the trader to monitor and watch over the trade will definitely bring about moving from winning trade to losing trade. The proper management is monitoring your trade to know when it is profitable to exit. Most traders screen-gaze and be more focused on how much they are going to make at that point in time which is a very poor management portfolio. Moreover, to manage your trade in an effective way, there should be a target. When a trader goes into forex trading without a target he or she is going to get often failure. As a trader, you must remove greediness in order to achieve adequate management of your trade and also maximize profit


As it has been earlier discussed, forex time machine is the newly introduced and the safest method of running forex trade in order to make profits. The major concept of this forex time machine is to maximize profit and minimize risk. It has some advantages and disadvantages which includes profit maximization and risk-taking respectively which might lead to losses if not well managed. Management of forex time machine is one of the major issues which is been determined by the trader’s ability to monitor his trade/ market. The trader must set out his target and remain focused on it. Screen-gaze can equally mislead the trader because his focus will be on the initial profit which not the risk to come.       



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